The scarecrow is finished!

My first interactive fiction, “the scarecrow”, is now live for you guys to try out.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it – the intention here was never to write a great work of fiction, it was initially just to learn the platform… but as I started to build the world I got quite attached to it so quite a lot of care has gone into this. I think enough scene-setting has already been discussed in previous posts, but in my opinion here is how best to experience this story:

1) Grab a nice big glass of red wine

2) Curl up on a couch or some other comfortable place. Dim the lights.

3) Stare at this painting by John Constable


4) Imagine the scene in the painting decaying into a rotten, barren landscape.

If by this point you want to know what is in that cottage, click this link and enjoy 🙂

Feedback is most welcome, particularly if you find yourself getting annoyed or stuck (something I’ve tried very hard to avoid happening). An entire playthrough should take around 20-30 minutes.

Edit: Just in case anyone hasn’t played IF before – remember to examine everything, and if you get lost you can “look” to see what’s around you.


2 thoughts on “The scarecrow is finished!

  1. Stunning realization, I did not play till the end, but texts are well written, gave me goose bumps when (Spoilers!)… – though english is really not my native language, really immersive story. The painting is well depicted, this experience reminds me of some Lovecraft novel atmosphere… Gonna check under my bed tonight 😉 Good job !

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