Interactive fiction – a primer

Okay so I’ve just finished my first interactive fiction, The Scarecrow. I wouldn’t say this was enough for me to call myself an “interactive fiction author” and I certainly wouldn’t call myself a writer (seriously, I’m just this computer nerd from Birmingham!) but I do see it as being a bit of a milestone for me as I’ve been a fan of this genre of writing for some years now. There is a chance that through these posts, some of my friends and followers may have become interested in the genre and so I’m making this post just to give any potential fans a gentle nudge in the right direction.

There’s loads of guide online about how to get an interpreter set up, so I won’t go through that here I’ll just link to this.

In terms of authors – the landscape is pretty rich… it would be dismissive of me to just point you straight in the direction of “the ones you gotta read”, so all I’ll say is that my favorites are Emily Short and Andrew Plotkin. We’ll leave it at that.

The other thing to understand is that these days, the factor that seperates the dogs from the puppies is *quality*. Given that these works are mostly free, that means you have a whole wealth of quality literature right there and readily available, provided by a community who would be delighted if you read and enjoyed their works.

In terms of where to find good IF, this is the joint right here. Either that or a good google search.

Annually, the IF community hold a competition in the month of September (one I hope to take part in next year). The quality is always very high in the competition, this years entries should be appearing here soon. Previous years entries are also available for download from the IF database.

Anyway, hopefully this should be enough to get people started if they’re interested. Peace out \m/


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