Passing the time in Tanzania

Just got back today from a life changing holiday in Tanzania. Lots of long road trips to get to the various regions, and here’s how we passed the time 🙂

The game is “Africa Films” (or #africafilms if you like!) and these are our greatest hits.

  • Educating Cheetah
  • Beauty and the Wildebeast
  • Hyena Noon
  • Hang ’em Hyrax
  • The Impala Strikes Back
  • Fight Cub
  • Honey badger, i shrunk the kids
  • Bulletproof Monkey
  • Elephantasia
  • Star Trek 2: Giraffe of Kahn
  • Man in the lion mask
  • Snow White and the seven Dwarf Mongooses
  • Dik-dik Tracy
  • Eland before time
  • Lovebirds Actually (with Hugh Grant-gazelle and Emma Thomson-gazelle)
  • Blue Vervet
  • Look who’s storking
  • Serengettysburg
  • Arusha Hour
  • Warthog Day
  • Memoirs of Acacia

Anyone who has any other suggestions, feel free to submit them in the comments 🙂


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