Holy crap facebook!

Anyone who wants a raw, balls-out example of the true reality of the semantic web, or open graph in action, look no further than this. I make a troll-baiting post about call of duty;

Any of you cod-mw3 fans (pronounced “codmore 3”) fancy playing a real mans game, the Arma franchise is 50% off on steam at the moment 😀

I should point out that in my post, I never once mentioned “call of duty” by name. Facebook not only recognizes what i was on about but also tells me that my friends are also talking about it;

Anyone who thinks that this will not influence people’s buying habits is living in sodding Disneyland! If this had been a post about a game I was actually interested in buying, I am suddenly assured of its awesomeness by seeing my friends also talking about it. That’s suddenly several people to talk to about it, all of whom could influence me to buy it.

This sort of thing may be old hat, but it’s the first time it’s happened to me personally and franlky it’s awesome!


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