Project Euler Problem 11

Yet another problem, this is the one I’ve had the most fun on so far. I swear it is IMPOSSIBLE to make this readable! The inspiration for the solution came from the UK TV show “catchphrase”, believe it or not 🙂 I basically slam a kernel/matrix type thingy around the grid doing Roy Walker impressions until I find the highest product. Here it is anyway, but abandon hope all ye who proceed beyond this point…

def problem11  
  grid = []
  kernel_size = 4
  max_product = 0

  File.readlines("numbers.txt").each do |line|
    grid < max_product

      left_diagonal_total = 1
      right_diagonal_total = 1
      (0..3).each {|matrix_counter|
        left_diagonal_total *= grid[row+matrix_counter][col+matrix_counter].to_i
        right_diagonal_total *= grid[row+matrix_counter][col+((kernel_size-1)-matrix_counter)].to_i  
      max_diagonal = [left_diagonal_total,right_diagonal_total].max
      max_product = max_diagonal if max_diagonal > max_product      

  puts max_product


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