Limit the length of an input with JQuery

For instances where a textbox/textarea need to be limited to a specific number of characters, one way of achieving this is with a bit of JQuery. Simply give the input a class (in this case, “maxThirtyCharacters”) and set a “maxChars” variable to the appropriate number. There will be tidier ways of doing this, which you can adapt to your specific situation, but the very basic version goes a little like this;

    $(".maxThirtyChars").keyup(function() {
        var maxChars = 30;
        if ($(this).val().length > maxChars) {
            $(this).val($(this).val().substr(0, maxChars));
            //Take action, alert or whatever suits
            alert("This field can take a maximum of 30 characters");

remember to also check server side though.


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