You Know You Are a Posh Developer When…

Are you a posh developer? Let’s find out old bean!

You think that Means
Private Function
A little get together with no riff-raff in attendance. Great opportunity for networking.
The only people authorized to attend a private function.
Something under-achievers wrongly accuse you of having had for your entire life.
Daily gathering at school where you were all required to sing “Jerusalem”.
Someone who can not simultaneously be the treasurer.
Something you’ll have to share with Rupert.
Something which money can not buy.
Class Hierarchy
The only thing maintaining the dignity of our sceptered isle.
The second best cutlery, for use when entertaining mother’s side of the family.
The foul-mouthed fellow who installed your en-suite bathroom. Works in a factory.
The set of leather-bound volumes that that take up three shelves in your library.
Situated in the east wing of the house and a pleasant place to retire to with a whiskey of an evening.
The chap who leads the hunt.
Hybrid Language
What the maid speaks.
An instruction issued to the maid.
Expected from the maid immediately following a request.
Something with which the maid will eventually be replaced.
The establishment in which the constructor works.
Something you do at a private function.
What northern people call finance.
Dutch colony that your great, great, great, great, great, great, great uncle Henry was staitioned at during the Napoleaonic wars.
Delightful calligraphy taught by your dearest governess.

If anyone has any further definitions, do let me know and I’ll add it to the list. Tally Ho!


5 thoughts on “You Know You Are a Posh Developer When…

  1. C – where your yacht is…

    Machine Code – what your personal mechanic speaks when he describes whats wrong with your yacht

    C# – What the maid shouts to other servents when they cut themselves on your swords

    Hex – What Your great great great grand-ma-ma put on the Grand Duke when he turned down the offer to stay the night.

    Structure – used in polite company when discussing the lovely lady sitting acrossed the banquet table from you.

    The Internet – the underware of your 3rd mistress.

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